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Dinosaur Designs is an Australian owned company with a fundamental and ongoing commitment to manufacturing the brand’s core ranges in Australia. All of Dinosaur Designs’ resin products – homewares and jewellery - are made by hand in our Sydney studio to the highest standards. Our manufacturing exceeds all Australian standards for pay, working conditions and health and safety. We proudly employ over 80 Australians in our workshops and stores.

We also take our environmental responsibilities as a company very seriously, and have implemented policies to minimize waste of all types. We are constantly looking for ways to further reduce our impact on the environment, from the practices in our workshops to the products we use in our offices.

As we expand our collections and introduce new elements such as textiles, brass jewellery, metal and ceramic homewares, we find that we need to move beyond our core manufacturing expertise. These exciting new additions to our business require the expertise of partners who share our values and have artisan skills not available in our workshop. Some of these partners are local (such as the wonderful Queen B team who help us create our pure Australian beeswax candles) and others (such as the fifth generation weaving and dyeing artisans in India who to create our beach towels in collaboration with Jac + Jac) are located overseas. Much of our brass jewellery is made by skilled crafts people in Indonesia, as are some of our brass bowls. Our copper, brass and silver plated homeware are made by artisans in India to the highest standards. In every instance, we go to great lengths to ensure that our partners share our values and ethics; each has been chosen for their craftsmanship, their ethos, their working practices and their commitments to their staff.

These elements manufactured outside our workshop remain a small part of the Dinosaur Designs business – less than 5% of production – nevertheless we felt it important to share this information with you. Should you have any concerns or queries, please don’t hesitate to contact us on [email protected]



We believe in supporting organisations and people who make the world a beautiful and interesting place through art, music, dance, and literature or who work tirelessly to protect the environment.

Dinosaur Designs is a founding supporter of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, since its inception in 1991 and continues to support the museum through its Ambassador Programme. 

Dinosaur Designs is a founding and continuing supporter of the Art Gallery of NSW's Contemporary Collections Benefactors. www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au 

In celebration of 20 years since their own graduation from COFA, the Dinosaurs inaugurated the annual Dinosaur Designs award and prize for a graduating student of COFA. www.cofa.unsw.edu.au 

Louise Olsen is an ambassador for the National Disability Association’s projectABLE, a care careers initiative aimed at recruiting younger skilled workers into the disability sector. www.nds.org.au

Dinosaur Designs has created unique handmade resin trophies for a number of amazing organizations including;Tropfest, Sydney Film Festival, IN Design Awards, Sculpture by the Sea (Sydney and Cottesloe).

Australian Women in Construction Industry awards www.nawic.com.au

Australians in Film awards www.australianinfilms.org

The Australian Ballet’s Young Dancer of the Year Awardwww.beinvolved.com.au/spo-arts-a-community/the-australian-ballet/peoples-choice-awards 

RMIT's annual Scally Award.  

LOWY Institute for International Policy http://www.lowyinstitute.orgFSHD Global Research Foundation http://fshdglobal.org

The Australian Conservation Foundation receive a donation from Dinosaur Designs as a percentage of profits from the Rainforest collection. https://www.acfonline.org.au

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy reinterpret the iconic Series 7 chair for Cult Design's Chairity project with proceeds from the auction donated to the Redfern Foundation 


Dinosaur Designs also supports:

Murdoch Children's Research Institute www.mcri.edu.au

Craft Victoria www.craft.org.au 

The Sydney Children's Hospital www.sch.edu.au

Camp Quality www.campquality.com.au

The National Breast Cancer Foundation www.nbcf.org.au

The Children's Cancer Institute of Australia www.ccia.org.au

Veuve Clicquot New Generation Awards

Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute http://www.victorchang.edu.au

Anti Slavery Australia http://www.antislavery.org.au

Cancer Council Australia www.cancer.org.au

Dymocks Children's Charity www.dymocks.com.au/childrens-charities

Australian Marriage Equality http://www.australianmarriageequality.org/

The Australian Conservation Foundation http://www.acfonline.org.au

WWF Australia http://www.wwf.org.au

Remembering Riley Foundation http://rileysway.org/about/

Sydney Dance Company https://www.sydneydancecompany.com

Museum of Contemporary Art www.mca.com.au 

Australian Design Centre www.australiandesigncentre.com 

Bondi Lions http://bondi.nsw.lions.org.au 

Starlight Children's Foundation https://starlight.org.au

Belvoir https://belvoir.com.au 

Hear & Say https://www.hearandsay.com.au 

Children's Cancer Foundation https://www.cancercouncil.com.au 

Make a Wish Foundation https://www.makeawish.org.au 

Sydney Breast Cancer Foundation https://www.sbcf.org.au  

National Breast Cancer Foundation http://nbcf.org.au 

Kakota Track Foundation https://ktf.ngo 

Variety The Children's Charity https://www.variety.org.au/nsw/ 

Mercy Health Australia http://www.mercyhealth.com.au 

YWCA http://www.ywca.org.au 

Cancer Council Australia  http://www.cancer.org.au

Australian Children's Music Foundation http://acmf.com.au/ 

Barnados Mother of the Year https://www.motheroftheyear.com.au/

Wild Women On Top - Oxfam https://trailwalker.oxfam.org.au/my/team/27590

Yarraman Kindergarten http://yarramankinder.com.au/

Variety https://www.variety.org.au/nsw/

JDFR https://www.jdrf.org.au/

Art Gallery of NSW https://www.artgallery.nsw.gov.au/

Sculpture By The Sea http://sculpturebythesea.com/

Habitat for Humanity Australia https://habitat.org.au/

Yalari https://www.yalari.org/

International Women's Day https://www.internationalwomensday.com/

Life Changing Experiences Foundation http://www.lifechangingexperiences.org/

Monash Gallery of Art https://www.mga.org.au/

Tour De Cure https://tourdecure.com.au/

School For Life Foundation https://www.schoolforlife.org.au/

Royal Hospital For Women http://www.seslhd.health.nsw.gov.au/rhw/

FSHD Global Research Foundation https://fshdglobal.org/

The Million Dollar Lunch for Cancer https://themilliondollarlunch.com.au/

The Aurora Group http://www.auroragroup.com.au/

HeartKids https://www.heartkids.org.au/

Beyond Blue https://www.beyondblue.org.au/

Windsor Community Centre http://windsorccc.org.au/

Heartkids https://www.heartkids.org.au/

Quendo https://www.qendo.org.au/

Stefan's MASKs Foundation https://www.stefan.com.au/community/

Batyr https://www.batyr.com.au/

Hear and Say https://www.hearandsay.com.au/

Monash University https://www.monash.edu/

Royal Hospital for Women https://www.royalwomen.org.au/

The Feeding Project https://squareonezimbabwe.org/

Very Special Kids https://www.vsk.org.au/

Royal Melbourne Hospital https://www.thermh.org.au/

Women in Finance Awards https://www.womeninfinanceawards.com.au/

Newcastle Real Film Festival https://realfilmfestival.com.au/

Vanessa Grant Trust http://www.vanessagranttrust.org/

Dine With a Difference https://www.diningwithadifference.com/














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