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The Designers 

Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy 


Dinosaur Designs grew very naturally, very organically for us. It's a philosophy of colour and form. Working with resin is like working with paint and that's where Steve and I both started, as students working in our studio at art school. Every piece we make is crafted by hand in Australia, passing through many pairs of hands in the process, giving each piece the slight differences that make it unique. 

People often ask us if it's difficult to work side by side as a couple, but we feel lucky to be able to work together to create beautiful things. We never really stop thinking about design and art, which is why we find it so easy living and working together - we share the same passions.

Our studio in Strawberry Hills in Sydney has the most beautiful light that pours in through the windows. It's a very important place for us. It's where we create and develop our designs and produce every resin piece we make by hand. It's a place of work but it's also very personal - almost like an extension of our home. We believe that having a happy environment has a big effect on what's created and produced in it. 

We love our stores too, as they are where we get to be with our customers and where we get feedback on our designs. One of the big mile stones for us was opening our store in New York. It's been extremely rewarding and we've learned so much from the experience.

Working in design is a wonderful privilege. It's a great way to study of the world. It's a never ending exploration where we're constantly inspired by nature. This is just one of the reasons we use sustainable working methods and minimise waste and electricity consumption. 

Our aesthetic has refined and evolved over the years. We're now at a point where we've mastered our techniques but are constantly surprised by the possibilities that arise from working with resin. We love the contrast in textures that's created by adding elements of silver, brass and glass to each collection and we're always asking 'what's next?' as we get excited by the creative process and the journey it takes you on. 















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