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Spend $300 for free express shipping in the USA

Spend $300 for free express shipping in the USA

Extended processing times during peak season

Extended processing times during peak season

Resin is strong and durable, yet should be treated as a ceramic as it can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. To restore sheen to your jewelry, simply apply moisturiser. To keep your polished resin jewelry in great condition, simply wipe with a clean, dry cloth. Like many materials, certain colours in resin may change over time, due to the conditions they are exposed to. We do not consider this to be a flaw in the product, merely a characteristic of the product as it ages, giving your piece an individual patina. To prolong the original colours, keep away from sunlight.

Sterling silver, brass and gold are naturally soft metals and should be treated with special care to avoid damage. Avoid exposure to perfumes, oils and household chemicals. If tarnishing occurs wipe with a jewelry cleaning cloth or clean with a suitable cleaning agent.

To restore shine to plated jewelry use a clean soft cloth (such as a clean micro-fibre cloth). Plated jewelry can be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent dissolved in hot water. Do not use caustic cleaning materials (such as “Brasso”) as this may damage the plating. Keep away from hard surfaces as bumps and scratches will cause wear to the plating. To extend the life of your plated jewelry we recommend keeping in a soft pouch or jewelry box, out of direct sunlight and heat.

Some of our pieces use fine metal chain. Despite the quality of this chain, like all chains of this nature, the very delicacy that holds its appeal requires that it be treated with care. It can break if pulled or knocked and can become entangled if not stored properly. Dinosaur Designs is not responsible for damage caused to pieces through general wear and tear.

Some of our resin bangles use a metal hinge. While this hinge is strong and durable, it can sprain if over extended and lose some of its tension. Dinosaur Designs is not responsible for damage caused to pieces through general wear and tear. 

Our leather cord is a high quality leather. As with all natural leather products care should be taken, as it is possible that in some cases dye may transfer on to lighter coloured clothes when wearing. Dinosaur Designs is not responsible for damage caused to clothing in such instances and will not replace cord free of charge



Dinosaur Designs homewares are suitable for cold food presentation only. These products should be hand washed in warm water. Resin may appear “frosted” after washing and should be rubbed with a drop of cooking oil to restore sheen. All resin items are strong and durable but should be treated like a ceramic as they can break if dropped or knocked against a hard surface. Resin is not fire resistant and so should not be used in an oven, a microwave, dishwasher or as an ashtray.

Dinosaur Designs metal homewares are not suitable for food service. Wipe only with a soft cloth, do not put in the dishwasher. If hand washing, dry well immediately. Products have been coated with a film to prevent tarnishing in the short term. Polishing with Brasso will remove this film. Handle with care. Brass is a soft metal, which may be scratched or dented.

Glass vases are fragile. Please handle with care. When filling the vases with water hold at the base and fill slowly. From time to time, the surface of sand blasted vases may appear frosted. To restore sheen simply rub with moisturiser. Shiny glass vases should be cleaned with a good quality glass cleaner.

Dinosaur Designs salt and pepper Boulder grinders are to be used for their intended purpose only. Only use peppercorns in the Pepper grinder and coarse 4mm rock salt in the Salt grinder. Use of incorrect seasonings can cause damage to the mechanism. Grinders are not suitable for coffee, spices or any other substances.

Turning the top pebble in a clockwise direction will tighten the mechanism. This will determine how fine the salt or pepper is. It is best to turn for a few rotations prior to adding salt or pepper. To refill, turn the top pebble in an anti-clockwise direction. This will open the grinder and allow you to refill at your leisure. Do not wash, simply wipe with a cloth or a dry brush. Avoid exposure to moisture to prevent rust. Leave out of direct sunlight and store in a cool, dry place when not in use. Please note that mechanisms requiring replacement due to misuse will be at the customers expense.


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